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Memory Glimpse

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Memory Glimpse


My earliest memory is that of when I was about 2 1/2 years old and I almost drowned. It was just another day and my mom and I had gone to the grocery store. After we left the grocery store, we went back to our apartment which happened to have a pool. My mom would usually carry me but because she was carrying the groceries and the fact that I was old enough to walk already I began to follow her walking back to our apartment. When my mom arrived at the apartment and set down the groceries she realized I was there and began to freak out. She retraced her footsteps only to see me by the pool area. I had jumped or fallen into the pool before she got there, and she jumped into the pool fully clothed and took me out. Although I was very young and I don't remember most of the details fully I do remember being scared and I do remember the water over my head. This is when I first took notice that my mom will always be there for me protecting me.

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