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Mapping Home

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Mapping Home


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I mapped quite a few different locations on my map. First I started off by putting my home in McAllen, Texas where I raised and brought up. I then moved to Austin, to come to school here at UT and I lived in the Jester dorms my first year. After my first year, I moved to an apartment complex off of Riverside called University Commons where I lived for two years. I currently live off of 620 in a Townhouse. Those are the only four places I have lived.


After putting places where I have lived, I placed the places I've visited that made some sort of impact on my life. The last family trip we took when my parents were still together was to Disney World. I put that location on the map because in a way, it feels like it was the last time that I was part of a family (with my Dad in it). My dad served a few years in prison after the divorce and for a while he was at a Federal Prison in Texarkana, Texas. My paternal grandma and my dad's uncle as well as my brother drove all the way up to Texarkana to see my dad. Although this wasn't the first or only trip I where I went to visit my dad in prison, it's the one that stands out because it was the furthest. The other two places I put where Las Vegas, NV and Arlington, TX. I put Arlington on there because my aunt (dad's sister) lives there and I drive up there a lot to visit with her.


My trip to Vegas was my first trip without my family, despite going with my cousin. I had always wanted to go and so two months after I turned 21, my cousin and I headed to Vegas for five days. This was by far the funnest vacation I've had thus far.


Although my map doesn't make a particular shape, it does have Austin in the center were the two shapes meet. I believe this signifies that no matter where I was born, or where I've visited, or how my life turns out...I will be staying in Austin. I love Austin, and I love living here. I am only 4 1/2 hours away from home, and Austin has many good jobs in computers and not to mention Austin is Weird...what more can you want.

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