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If I had to pick one moment in my life where I had an epiphany that stands out is during the second semester of my freshman year of high school. This epiphany took place at my cousin Crystal's High School graduation. During my freshman year of high school, I was a huge trouble maker to say the least. I would get very bad grades in school, and it wasn't because I didn't understand the material, it was because I just didn't do any of the work. I do recall a time in Spanish class, where I even refused to take a test. As sad as it is, I did end up failing a semester of Spanish my freshman year. The irony is that Spanish was my first language.


My lack of respect for everyone during this time was stupid and pointless. Teachers that I had freshman year that latter taught me (or ran into me) in future years noticed a huge difference in attitude and overall maturity. I can honestly say that during this time, I did feel like I was disappointing my mom. My mom is not strict at all, and although she'd get after me for bad grades, she wouldn't "ground" me or anything. Was this a possible cause of my rebellion? Was this just my way of seeing how far I could push my mother? I don't believe either of those are true. The only thing my mother ever asked from me is to never take advantage of the fact that she wasn't a strict parent. I like to believe that I never did, but as I look back I realize I was in denial. This is where the epiphany came into play.


At high school graduations, after the call out the graduates name they acknowledge him/her for other accomplishments like: Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude, National Honor Society, Texas Scholar, Tech Prep Scholar, etc. I remember my mom telling me that when I graduate she wanted me to have every possible honor. Obviously I couldn't be Cum Laude and Magna Cum Laude at the same time but she wanted me to get all the other honors. After feeling like a disappointment, it's almost as if I don't myself "time to make mom proud now." From that point on, I spent the rest of my high school education trying to get "everything", the only one that was gonna be difficult was the Top 10% one (Cum Laude) especially since I really hurt my ranking and grades my freshman year. I was almost a totally different person from sophomore year on. After all the hard work, sadly the ONLY honor I did not receive was the Top 10% one. My graduating class consisted of 482 students and my rank was number 50, I was 2 people away. Was my mom sad that I didn't get everything? Of course not, she was happy the day I matured and started doing good in school.

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