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on December 6, 2007 at 12:00:51 am

Could this  really  be what my life revolves around?



Before taking this class I never would have thought or even cared why I think the way I do or why I decided to pursue a career in Computers or pretty much anything about the way things were in my life...I guess I can thank Ulmer for that.  After writing different discourse pages throughout the semester in search of this one wide image that connects them all together and the the only thing that I can think of is 'procrastination'.  Is the act of procrastination my "compass"?  Even though this wide image (if you will) may seem like it can not be applied to the aspects of my discourse pages but it can be.  Wanting to pusue a career in computers is just one aspect of procrastination and how being a procrastinator is not all that bad when it comes to computer scientists.  Computer Scientists pride themselves on making things easier and more efficient so when they do

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