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Family Discourse

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The above picture is of my brother Alex, my mom Liz, and me. My parents got divorced with I was 7 years old and growing up in a single parent home definitely molded the way I was brought up. My dad is still part of my life and I love him, but growing up it was always just my brother, mom, and I.


My mom is my hero. She is a very strong person and in my opinion has always gone that extra mile in what it takes to be a good mother. People say that it's hard for an individual to raise a family by themselves without the help of a spouse, if this is true then my mom didn't really let it show she was having trouble. One thing I did lack growing up (especially in my early teenage years) was a father figure. Looking at my life now and knowing how it is to have grown up in a single-parent home, I would not have wanted it any other way. I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" and I believe I would not turned out the same had things been different. When looking at the big picture though, there is a memory that I look back on and remember is when I "learned" how to shave. As much as it seems like not a big deal, I always just assumed it would be something I learned from my father but instead it was my mom that taught me.


My brother Alex as some would say is the splitting image of me. Although I do not think we look alike, all of my friends claim he looks like I did when I was this age. Alex is 16 years old and is a Junior in high school. One regret of mine is that I am not as close with my brother as I would like to be. However, as of late, now that my brother is getting older we are getting along much more. As kids we would fight a lot, but now it actually seems like we have a lot to talk about and have some things in common.


The above picture of my brother, mom, and I is an example of many outings that we have. It's always just us 3, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I chose to put the cartoon strip because it shows the type of mother my mom is.


The following video is a UK sketch poking fun at single mothers. I happen to think my mom did a fantastic job raising my brother and I, but I did find this sketch somewhat amusing.


Although not part of my immediate family, my friends play a major role in my life. I have known all my guys friends since I was little and they have been there for me all those times that a "friend" is needed. I feel that I can't mention my "family" without bringing up my friends also.


[from left: Willie, Victor, Will, Kristie, Narc, Danny, Rey, Mark, Robert, Me]


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