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Entertainment Discourse

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**A *Not-So* Perfect World**


A Perfect World is a movie that came out in 1993 and has always been one of my favorite movies. One thing that stands out when I think about this movie, is that I remember crying at the end of the movie.  Because I cried, I feel like I can relate to this movie in a number of different ways. It has been many years since I saw this movie and I don't remember much of it. What I do remember about this movie is that a man named Butch and his partner escaped from a Texas prison. After they escaped they decide to steal a car, only to find out there was a young boy inside the car that they stole. As the movie goes on, the young boy and Butch develop a kidnapper-victim relationship that I can relate to. I've never been kidnapped but I relate to the relationship in a sense that the kid (by movie's end) saw Butch as a father figure. From what I remember, the young boy was living with his single mother. When I was in middle school my dad went away to prison for a few years and as much as I believe it didn't affect me or how was I raised, I have to be pretty ignorant to think that way. By the end of the movie, I believe Butch sees the kid as the son he never had and vice versa. Texas Rangers eventually catch up with Butch and save the kid, but in the process the cops shoot Butch believing that he has a gun. I will never forget the scene at the end of the movie when Butch dies by the tree. I remember tears coming down my cheek when I first saw that ending scene, as well as every subsequent time I viewed it.


After re-watching this movie now, there were a few points of the movie I was mistaken on, however, the "just" of the movie was exactly like I remember. Before watching this movie again, one thing I remembered was that throughout the movie the kid Phillip 'Buzz' Perry, played by T.J. Lowther, was wearing a Casper costume. What I didn't remember was "why" he was wearing the costume. The day that Butch and his partner Terry Pugh turns out to be Halloween day. Phillip lives with his mother and two sisters in a Jehovah Witness home and due to his religion, he is not allowed to celebrate an holidays like Christmas, Birthdays, or Halloween. While other kids in the neighborhood are out trick-o-treating, Butch and Terry break into Phillip's home and end up kidnaping him so that they can have a hostage to aid them in their escape. This is one part of the movie that I did not remember, all these years I always thought the kidnapping was accidental. This revelation makes Butch and his partner made out to be bad guys. As hard as it is for someone to believe, not everyone that is in prison is a bad person, they just happened to have made a few poor decisions in their life...something I know first-hand. Another thing that I had forgotten over the years of not watching this movie is the overall theme. As I mentioned earlier, just because someone has been in prison does not mean they are a bad person and this movie plays on the theme of good/bad and right/wrong.  Somewhere along the line they stop at a convenience store and Butch ends up stealing the Casper costume for Phillip since he's never dressed up for Halloween.  However, shile they were fleeing from the cops, Butch's partner Terry starts being overly friendly to Phillip and tries to molest the kid.  One of the worst crimes a person can commit is child molestation, and those criminals are not well-liked in prison.  When Butch becomes aware of Terry's intentions he decides to take matters into his own hands.  Butch ends up shooting and killing his partner.


Many things attribute to the instant "bonding" between Butch and Phillip and one of them is the obvious father-son relationship. Also, Butch can relate to the kid in the sense that when he was the kid's age it's about the time when violence entered his life. One thing that I was surprised at after watching this movie again, was that fact that I did not cry. There are less than a handful of movies that have made me cry, and this movie was the first (that I can remember) one to accomplish that.  I relate to this movie in many different ways. Although I did not grow up in a religious home (especially one that didn't celebrate holidays), I did grow up in a single parent home. This movie came out in 1993 when I was only 7 years old which could be another reason I sort of related to Phillip and in a way saw Butch as a father figure as well.


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I believe the reason that I did not cry in this viewing of the movie is that over the years I have stemmed away from the "need" of a father figure.  I did find the ending just as sad, and my eyes did want to tear up a little but it was not the same feeling of sadness that I felt all those years ago.  In a way, I feel like I subconsciously didn't cry on purpose because I knew that I always cry at the end.  I still think that I am not the same "kid" that saw this movie back-in-the-day, I have grown up and matured.  Also, my dad has tried to become part of my life and we talk at least twice a week, and everytime I go home to visit I spend time with him.  Despite not having the same initial feelings watching A Perfect World, I still consider one of my favorite movies of all time.

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