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Decision Scene

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Decision Scene


If I had to choose the first image to come to mind when thinking about my decision process I don't believe I would be able to come up with just one. I feel like I approach deciding things in two different way.



The first way I would say it's like lighting a match. This makes me think of when my friends and I are trying to find somewhere to eat. When they are calling out ideas, I'm usually quick to pick a place and try to encourage others...must like the lighting of the match. However, eventually a match burns out and that happens to me too when my encouraging doesn't motivate anyone to get up and go to eat.



At other times I feel like a glass of water in the sun evaporating. In a situation where everyone is throwing out ideas and no one can decide on anything, I then usually just sit there and ride it out waiting for the last possible moment to contribute and make a decision. I attribute this to my procrastination.

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