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Being Singular

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago

Ulmer believes that we all have an "image" that we project ourselves to be.  I do not believe I have an "image" and yet Ulmer would have to disagree with me where because E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E does.  I guess I do have an image but I know I'm not happy with it.  After I stopped being a deliquent child and had my epiphany I started doing good in school and then I started dating someone.  I was with them for 2.5 years from the end of my high school eduation up through most of my freshman year of college.  She was a big part of my life and I feel like since we broke up I've been having trouble sticking with that "self-image" I had about myself.  I have been through a lot and It feels like lately I need to make a decision or have another epiphany so that I can decide what I want to go with my life because I'm not liking where I'm headed. 


Since the "image" I'm trying to express deals with my current state of mind I know I'm not projecting a good image.  I am not ignorant and I know when things in life aren't going good and that I need to do something about it.  Every semester I tell myself that I have to start doing better in school because if I don't, then I could be looking at Academic probation and then I would be in danger of losing the only thing I have to be proud of...my education here at the University of Texas.  I also need to stop drinking because if I don't I'm afraid I'm going to become an alcoholic, and even though I don't drink during the week and concentrate on school and work I know that it does still affect me especially with my latest mistake of getting arrested for DWI. 


I've never been in this predicament and don't know what I'm gonna go but I'm in the process of creating a new "image" of myself...one that is actually doing good in school, one that is optimistic, and one that knows that if "shit hits the fan" that it doesn't mean that the fan is broken.

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